Simple and Fun DIY Wind Spinner

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The spring and summer months always getting me looking for ways to put décor into my outdoor living spaces.  My family and friends are always eager to see what I come up with next.

Here is a project I especially enjoyed. I get my ideas from many sources so I can’t say this is an original, but it inspired my imagination as I hope it will yours.  Get some family or friends together and just cut loose and be creative.

How to make a dragonfly from a whisk (or two): 


You’ll need:

2 metal balloon whisks (one larger, one smaller)

Wire cutters

2 big, colorful buttons

Fishing line

Beads (optional)

Step One: Bend two loops of the whisk to each side to become the wings of your dragonfly.

Step Two: Use the wire cutters to cut the loop that is left in the center of your whisk leaving

about 2 inches of wire on each side. These will be what holds the button that will

be the face of your dragonfly.

Step Three: Thread your buttons with the wires you just cut and bend the remaining wire down

to hold the button on.         Do steps 1-3 on both whisks

Step Four: Cut about an 18-inch-long piece of your fishing line to connect your two dragonflies.

On one end of the fishing line make a loop knot and attach it to the lower end of

your bigger dragonfly. If you are adding beads, now is the time, thread them with

the fishing line.  Tie a loop knot on the other end of the line and hook the bent wire

that is holding the eye of your smaller dragonfly onto the loop.

Step Five: Hang your creation somewhere and bask in the glory of your creative genius. If you

hang it outside it will catch the wind and spin.