WaW 3D Wind Spinner, Heart Red


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WorldaWhirl Whirligig 3D Wind Spinners

by Amorpax Inc

Designed to twist, turn, twirl, and bring more swirl to your world. 

PRODUCT INFO:     (6.5 inch)

– Made with solid 202 stainless steel

WaW 3D Wind Spinner, Heart Red


– Highly weather resistant, strong, and flexible

– Designs are laser cut and all spinners individually hand painted

– WorldaWhirl wind spinners are easy to set up and arrive partially fanned open

– Enjoy indoor or outdoor with a revolving motor or add a spiral tail to stabilize them

– Includes a smooth spinning stainless swivel hanging hook so it can twirl in the breeze

– Amorpax offers a 1 year warranty on all WorldaWhirl 3D wind spinners so buy with confidence


Made with solid 202 stainless steel that is strong and flexible and highly weather resistant. Every WhirlaWorld wind spinner is individually hand painted with UV and chip resistant paint. The vibrant colored paint is very resistant to cracking and peeling and provides a high a abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance.

WorldaWhirl whirligigs are highly reflective and exhibit a pulsing, mesmerizing, three dimensional effect. The wind spinners are observable from a long distance away and gleam at night with very little light. The reflections actually look best from far away and without much light.