Weather Wind Spinner- Bronze Solar

$60.25 $56.99


  • Bronze-colored metal wind spinner
  • Three wind-catching forms turn the spinner on its vertical axis
  • Solar-powered lighted “crackle-glass” ball at the top
  • Automatically lights up after dark
  • Lights rotate through several different colors

Product description

Our Bronze-Colored Solar Spinner is a delight for the eyes that comes with a surprise. Unlike the more common “windmill-style” spinner, this beauty spins on it vertical axis thanks to three stylish wind-catching shapes made up of bronze-colored discs affixed to wire arcs and curlicues. Definitely on the more elegant side of design, but the surprise is that it still has a touch of whimsy to entertain after dark. At the top of the post, a crackled glass orb lights up the night courtesy of a discreet, integrated solar panel. Not only does it light up, but the orb changes color, rotating through pink and blue and green. Definitely a fun sight to behold after dark! Size: 14″ dia. x 49¾”H.