Dakota Steel Art

Wind Spinner Gazing Ball - Red Starlight

Dakota Steel Art

Dakota Steel Art is a small town business that moved into the town’s recently closed Elementary School in 2007. In a town of only 60, the decision to move the business into the school was welcomed as a viable way to keep the town alive.

All their Wind Spinners are made of 18 gauge 400 Series Stainless Steel.  They are laser cut, manufactured in the USA, and come with an Unconditional Lifetime Rustproof Guarantee.  Included in each delivery is one stainless steel swivel for hanging your new wind spinner.

Most of their wind spinners are three dimensional and create a mesmerizing visual effect as they catch the breeze. They also include spinners with solar effects as well as others with gazing balls.

They offer a variety of styles, designs and colors.

You can’t go wrong with a Dakota Steel Art wind spinner.