Wind Spinners That Beautify Your Lawn & Garden

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If you have a porch and don’t know how to decorate it, try adding some outdoor style to it using lawn ornaments. They can range from wind spinners and wind chimes for at or above eye level décor to solar wind spinners and metal wind spinners. There are even wind spinners that the kids will enjoy with fun decorations.


Starting with your eye level or above, wind spinners and wind chimes offer a great welcoming feel to any outdoor space. These kinds of lawn ornaments entertain while adding a pleasant sound or view to look at. They are a great conversation starter and look beautiful wherever they are. Wind spinners come in all different kinds and sizes. You can even make great centerpieces for your lawn using solar wind spinners that provide beautiful light circles at night.  Wind spinners are usually seen hanging from a hook stand in your yard. However, there are ways you can hang these beautiful lawn ornaments from the ceiling of your porch for display. A corner spot is usually the best for wind spinners so they catch as much of the breeze that comes in from the windows as possible. Make sure your wind spinners are fanned out properly to get the most spinning action.

Using your porch to display a range of lawn ornaments is a great idea, especially for people who live in 4-season areas. Wind chimes and wind spinners make perfect décor items for eye-level viewing.  They are also great talking pieces when company comes over and they are just overall fun to look at especially on windy days!