How Did We Get Here?

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Exhart Wind Spinner- Cascading PinkExhart Wind Spinner- Butterfly PurpleExhart Wind Spinner- Blue Cascade

What a crazy year it has been! Just as the exciting spring months were making their way into our consciousness, this pandemic also landed on our shores.

My mom, my sister and I always look forward to sprucing up the yard and its’ perimeter with new plants and flowers. Mom being the supervisor, of course, and sister and I doing the labor.  Every year we have gone and bought bougainvillea to grace the garden stakes placed at intervals around our fence line in the backyard.  We always spent hours talking about how this plant wasn’t doing well in the sun or another was doing great in one spot while the very same type of plant was not doing as well in another.

This year we were thwarted in our usual buying spree by the inability to shop to our hearts’ content at various garden centers in town.  Along with the rest of the country we were encouraged to stay home, mask up and keep our distance. How were we going to add the pops of color that usually dotted the line of our fence? This year especially, it seemed more important as we were spending much more time on the back patio than ever before.

Meanwhile, we were just beginning to explore the possibility of starting an online business but could not settle on what kind of product we would most like to sell.  We came up with the solution to both of our problems at the same time.

Why not use hanging wind spinners to place on our garden stakes?  They would add color and interest where the plants were missing.  In addition, they would not need to be replaced year after year and could be easily rearranged to create variety. We would not have some of them die in one part of the lawn while they thrived in another part. Don’t get me wrong, we still have plenty of plants, but we loved our new wind spinners!  We graduated to buying staked and solar wind spinners that we had seen while looking for hanging spinners.  Suddenly it struck us… this is what we should be offering on our website!

We are quite pleased with our website and hope you will enjoy it as well.