How Did We Get Here?

What a crazy year it has been! Just as the exciting spring months were making their way into our consciousness, this pandemic also landed on our shores. My mom, my sister and I always look forward to sprucing up the yard and its’ perimeter with new plants and flowers. Mom being the supervisor, of course, […]

Simple and Fun DIY Wind Spinner

The spring and summer months always getting me looking for ways to put décor into my outdoor living spaces.  My family and friends are always eager to see what I come up with next. Here is a project I especially enjoyed. I get my ideas from many sources so I can’t say this is an […]

Wind Spinners That Beautify Your Lawn & Garden

  If you have a porch and don’t know how to decorate it, try adding some outdoor style to it using lawn ornaments. They can range from wind spinners and wind chimes for at or above eye level décor to solar wind spinners and metal wind spinners. There are even wind spinners that the kids […]